"kilobyte objects": a collection of small but powerful libraries for embedded and mobile Java


kXML A pull-based XML parser (built into Android)
Utilities A collection of single-class utilites such as Base64 encoding and decoding, password encryption, and ISO date formatting and parsing.
HtmlView A small HTML component for Android. Useful for rendering (embedded) HTML fragments where a WebView would be too heavy but TextView is not sufficient.
kSOAP A SOAP library that does not rely on reflection (not available on CLDC/MIDP) for (de)Serialization. Based on kXML.
kDB Provides JDBC access to different text based table formats such as Arff, Bibtex and MP3 metadata.
ME4SE CLDC and MIDP implementation for "regular" Java. Useful to easily develop and test CLDC / GCF based code in a desktop environment.
MiniJoe A Javascript interpreter that runs on mobile Java.


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